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Intel Mainstone II board and Linux

We received an Intel Mainstone II development board for evaluation from Silica. The past week, we tried to get Linux running on it.
First we tested the kernel and filesystem shipped with the board. The kernel is an old 2.4.21 and the root filesystem contains Qtopia.
The kernel and the fileystem do not support all the board features like the integrated camera and the keypad.
The next step was using a recent kernel and own root filesystem. The kernel used is the kernel which supports the mainstone board. Compiling the kernel does not give any errors. There was a small problem with the machine id, that of the kernel was not the same as this of the bootloader. After changing this there was no further problem. The manually created root filesystem does not give any problems.

Posted by: Bart Jonkers - 26 Sep 2005, 12u15